Best Practice


First Practice : -

Title of the exercise: - To motivate the youth of rural areas for higher education and employment.

Purpose of the exercise: - Hers the college is located in the rural area being located in the village all the facilities are not available here in such a situation the main objective of our objective of our college is to encourage these youth in the field of employment and to connect with higher education so that they can rise above their standard of living and give a new direction to the society.

Context:- This college is located in village kurda adjacent to thankhamria through various programs we try to connect the younger generation with higher education. Due to the absence of these employment oriented program and lack of awareness the youth of this area are not getting employment opportunities. Which is harmful to the society and the country? In such a situation it becomes our duty to provide a new direction to these youth through higher education and connect them with the main stream of the society.

Practice:- Children from rural areas are more influenced by their teacher through higher education due to which it is easy to bring awareness. Practical Knowledge is also given by the institute from time to time the courses offered and conducted in the college provide the option to the students to match their aptitude and interest with the subject of their choice. College students are motivated to appear in various competitive examinations. The specificity of the chosen exercise is very relevant not only in the context of the student in the society but also useful from the point of view of education. A part from the home environment the student can also perform better in the environment other than himself our chosen practice may make some people think that what we are teaching student is worthwhile or not but we think that we are making an effort to adopt this idea and see its result.

Evidence of Success:- Many students from our college get government jobs in various posts after graduation and Post Graduation. This exercise is useful to us because since the date of opening of the college of the college there are no cause of serious complaints in the campus, no case of ragging or sexual harassment has been registered there is no data of harassment or discrimination against the weaker sections of the society in the college so far. There is no FIR registered against the college staff worker teacher or student in the police station apart from this no case of mutual quarrel or factionalism has been noticed in the institution.

Second Practice :-

Title of the exercise: - Empowering Girls in Tribal Area. 

Purpose of the exercise: - The purpose of education is to empower one’s mind, open doors of opportunity, impart skills that enable one to grow and become self-dependent. When a girl gets educated, the entire family gets educated hence empowering girl by education in this tribal area is a worthy objective.

Context:- In past decade or so, more specifically after the formation of the new state Chhattisgarh, a number of new colleges were established to make education accessible and within reach of one and all. In tribal area though, the scenario is totally different. There are so many socio-economic constraints that deprive the girl students to pursue higher education which is the main reason for poor GER in these areas. At the same time the opportunity of higher education in these areas is like liberating force, which opens various new channels of development.

Practice:- The programme involves a motivational presentation and interactive session with the students of higher secondary class in various streams at major schools of Thankhamariya. The content includes various opportunities in Higher education including associated job opportunities .The activity schedule is as follows – The day of the program is fixed with consultation with authorities of the school. The notice of the programme is widely spread to ensure maximum participation of the target group. Facilitators from HEI, of Assistant Professor Rank visit the school to manage the preparation for presentation.

Evidence of Success: The number of enrolment in higher education ( for girl child) is ever increasing, specially Tribal students. The college is working tirelessly to educate and empower girl child of this tribal area, for this purpose, introduction of new courses and strengthening of infrastructure is an ongoing process. For us providing opportunity of development through higher education is a worthy endeavour and we as a team are committed to the same.