Distinctive Practice


Planting of sapling

Creating a healthy environment and creating awareness in the college regarding the important of trees and to balance the environment it was decided to preserve a certain part of the college with new saplings planted every year.The teachers staff and students of the college have participated in the tree plantation.There are beautiful trees and plants in our college students are introduced to these plants so that students can develop a sence of curiosity to about trees. Thus to gain following benefit this practice carried out:

  • In order to increase forest cover area by sensitizing students and beautify our surroundings.
  • The tree around us extremely necessary for improving human condition and improve mental health.
  • Tree produces oxygen and acts as giant filter that cleans the air we breathe.
  • Tree clean the soil and improve soil health by storing harmful pollutant or changing the harmful pollutant into less harmful.
  • Tree filter sewage and farm chemicals and clean water. Tree prevents soil erosion. Tree holding the large amount of water otherwise stream down hills and surge along river into human habitat. Thus they act as barrier for flood, flashflood and landslide.
  • Trees acts as carbon sink; carbon dioxide is utilized by plant to produce its food. Carbon dioxide is global warming suspect and it one of the reasons for global warming.

Context- This practice benefit the large mass of living begins. The College staff and students planting the sampling in college premises annually during the rainy season. We are not only planting the sampling but taking care of them till they become independent. Since this college situated in the plateau area and their terrain is rocky and uneven in nature. As a result growth of sampling is slow. In order to remove this barrier we will have to outsource fertile soil and making the terrain flat will incurred lot of cost. Some extent we have resolve the issue by taking help from district administration but still lot need to do.

Practice- A certain area is first fixed for tree plantation in the college and every year tree plantation is done in that area with the help of staff and students for their safety the area is cordoned off so that animals can not enter inside and plants can be protected from damage. After the plantation the responsibility is given to the concerned employee to protect the plants. Plants are inspected from time to time and ecoclub has also been formed to takes care of them. At present with the help of Jan Bhagidari Samiti the boundary wall of the said area has been made and the plants have been completely protected

Evidence of success- The college administration encourages their each student to plant a sapling in the college or their locality and take an oath that as long as studies in the college she/he takes care of them regularly. With this initiative college campus has variety of plants and herbal garden although they are in a nascent stage. We are hoping in coming years our campus will turn into aesthetic appearance, hub of oxy-zone and acts as carbon sink.